Lexi Hutchings – Featured Athlete

Lexi Hutchings

Lexi Hutchings – Skim – California

How did you get started in skimboarding?

Wow I guess it’s been about 13 years now but my neighbor back in St George Utah made skimboards for a local shop. The Virgin River, where I learned to skim flatland was in walking distance. He took me to the river one day and I really was instantly hooked. I knew that at that point in my life that was all I wanted to do.

Who are your current sponsors?

Db Skimbaords, Db Longboards, Adrenalina, Vidi Cameras

Tell us about your favorite board!

My pro model the “Lexi Pro” Wood core for flatland. Stomp cush pads on top for soft landing, perfect rocker for light for major POP tricks.

What contest result are you the most proud of?

I have never lost in the Girls division and have placed 2nd in Mens intermediate and Mens pro in Australia.



Transformation Tuesday #skim#skimboarding #dbskimboards

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What’s the next contest you are competing in?

I do more filming and action photo shoots now. Next comp will be a longboard marathon that I compete in.

Yesterday skim sesh at Stonesteps. @dbskimboards #dbskimboards #skim#skimboarding

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What’s your favorite trick?

Pop 360 shovits, Shov Grabs, Variations on Rails.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

The entire DB skim team, best riders out there.



Dash point Washington #skimboarding #skim @dbskimboards

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Any advice to up and coming athletes?

Do what you love, train and practice. Work your ass off.

Flashback to this summer walking on water with @toddellisphoto . Photo by Todd Ellis

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Tacos or burritos?