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David Behar

We chat with skim and surf photographer David Behar about moving from Florida to California and what inspires his photography!

Tell us how you got into photography.

One day at Deerfield pier, the waves we’re absolutely pumping by clueless 14-year-old me standards. The world had to know. My sister was there with her camera, some Kodak film type deal. I shot half a roll’s worth of photos and never turned back. I picked up a Canon Powershot and went straight to my backyard to find dragonflies. I didn’t stop rolling through the grass until I got just the right angle and have been doing basically that ever since.

Wedge Watch

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What types of cameras do you like to use?

Mostly my phone, but for when I care about the shot, my Pentax K-1 with 24-70 2.8 Pentax lens. Before that I had a Canon, then before that a Nikon. Any camera works, they’re all basically the same, anyone who tells you differently is insane or has their own opinion.


These waves were tossing up rainbows left and right. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Favorite person/place/thing to shoot?

Favorite person to shoot is Chrith, favorite place to shoot is South Beach, and favorite thing is an umbrella. If I found Chrith under an umbrella in South Beach I’m not sure what I’d do. Probably take a photo. Also anything with super bright and clear blue water on a sunny day with offshore wind. I’ll shoot just about anyone or anything in those conditions.

One of my favorites from this year.

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Favorite trip you’ve taken to shoot?

Hard to say, I’ve never taken a trip to shoot, but I’ve taken trips and shot on them. Latest one I was really happy with was to Islamorada in the keys. It was a bit overcast most of the days but it made for a really nice series. I also had some of the best buffalo chicken tenders I’ve ever eaten, a high I’ve been chasing ever since.


This day was nice.

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What is your favorite photo you’ve taken?

Currently it’s the striped lifeguard tower shot in South Beach. That was a real turning point for my style. My favorite action sports shot is the one of that guy who’s name I can’t remember catching a wave at port with Hunter watching and that girl on the beach who’s name I also can’t remember.

My favorite photo for my 100th post.

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Who is your biggest inspiration or mentor?

My first major inspiration was Ryon Graf. We both posted photos on the same skimboarding message board, but his always looked way better and I had to know why. I learned a lot from Ryon, but most importantly to shoot in RAW. I don’t think a JPG has passed through my camera since 2008. Chris Burkard is another one. He takes arguably the most well composed photos in surfing today. After obsessing over his work, I started paying more attention to the scene than the rider. Matthias Heiderich’s work brought me out of a slump a couple years ago. His minimalist design style of shooting is an approach I never even considered. Current favorite is Maria Svarbova. If you’re reading this, Maria, don’t be afraid to call me.

Eyes down the line.

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Tacos or burritos?

Burritos. Unless the tacos are a better deal (usually Tuesday related). Or if I feel like eating tacos. Or if I’m not hungry enough for a burrito but also not in a situation where leftovers are realistic to save.


Summer in October.

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