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This week’s artist spotlight covers illustrator Jonas Claesson, creator of “The Surfing Animals Alphabet” book.

Tell us how you got into illustration.

I drew a lot as a kid and never really stopped doing it. Doesn’t everyone draw a lot as a kid? Anyway, then I went to art school and studied industrial design. I guess I officially started drawing again when I went to Oregon with my partner. She was busy studying so I had a lot of down time to be outdoors and drawing in our hotel room…. One of those drawings was the first one I posted publicly on social media.

Surf polar bear

What is your favorite artistic medium?

Ink and paper.


What is your favorite person/place/thing to draw?

Hmm, I don’t know. I guess a draw a lot of mooses surfing. Not sure why, but it’s fun to draw animal characters doing activities that I like to do.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

The one called The Wolf and the Whale.

Who is your biggest inspiration or mentor?

Seth Godin or Derek Sivers… kinda random.

Do you have any exhibitions or events coming up?

Nope! I don’t really ever plan any of them.

Tacos or burritos?

Probably the best question anyone has asked me. Burritos, from Southern California somewhere….sorry Australia! And pico de Gallo is a must.

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